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This HTML Minifier tool is designed to help you reduce the size of your HTML code by removing unnecessary whitespace, comments, and other characters. Simply enter your raw HTML code into the input field, click the "Minify" button, and the tool will remove all the unnecessary elements and make your code more compact.

If you want to start over, simply click the "Clear" button to clear the input field.

The output container will show the minified code with a label "Output". You can copy the minified code to your clipboard using the "Copy to Clipboard" button, or download the file with the "Download" button.

Additionally, you can check the size of your original file and the minified file using the two span tags - "Original file size" and "Minified file size". These sizes will help you track the changes in your code.

Overall, this HTML Minifier tool is a convenient and user-friendly way to compress your HTML code and make it more efficient.